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If you're interested in creating a money breakthrough in your life or business, then this unprecedented opportunity applies to you:

"How to Break Through to Your Next Income Level in Your Business or Career, Effortlessly Clean Up Unconscious 'Money Junk' and Finally Free Yourself From Debt,
Under Earning and Other Financial Self-sabotage...It's All Possible for You in this NEW Money Breakthrough Course"

From: Kathleen Ann
Sydney, Australia

Power Up Your Marketing
Kathleen Ann
Certified Money Breakthrough
Method Coach

Dear Friend,

A vast majority of people want help demystifying why they keep repeating unconscious, self-sabotaging money habits, how to break free of their "glass money ceiling" so they can make and keep more money, and how to create empowering money habits so they can begin to experience the richness that is their birthright.

This letter is written especially for you if you:

  • Under earn, even though you know you're worth so much more
  • Frequently find yourself short of money despite trying hard to make more
  • Want to achieve a new level of success in your business or career, but something always seems to be preventing you from making significant progress towards your goals
  • Wish someone would hand you a debt payoff plan that feels liberating
  • Are ready to transform your deepest fears regarding money into enlightened and joyful action instead
  • Want to create the wealth for you and your family that you've always desired
  • Are fed up with money blame, shame or guilt and are more than ready to heal your relationship with money, once and for all
  • Want a proven system that you can followto help you make these life-changing, important breakthroughs

Now more than ever people are motivated to clean up their money junk, heal old money wounds and get on the right "money track" so they can make more...and keep more of what they make

Whether you're a stay-at-home mum wanting to create an income, have a job, a start-up business owner, an entrepreneur or an established business owner, you can break free of unconscious self-sabotaging money habits, gain control of your relationship with money and discover how easy it can be to make more...and keep more of what you make.

Announcing the BRAND NEW....

"Tap Into Your Money Power And
To Financial Success" Home Study Course

Power Up Your MarketingThroughout this course I will reveal the money breakthrough secrets I'm certified to deliver, where I'll personally lead YOU on exactly how to stop crippling money self-sabotage and create life changing money breakthroughs, giving you an exciting new relationship with money - without spending hundreds of hours trying to figure it out on your own. Really if you could do it on your own you would have done it already - right?

Why am I so confident that I can lead you to create a money breakthrough? Because I used to be where you are now, I used this very system to transform my relationship with money and today I have more financial independence and freedom than I ever imagined.

Power Up Your Marketing

Plus I'm teaming up with Margaret Munoz - Founder of Tangible Results and internationally recognised author and expert EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner who uses the power of "Tapping" to help her clients breakthrough emotional issues, blocking beliefs and past conditioning so they can live to their fullest potential.

We're both known for our ability to produce breakthroughs in our specialist areas and we are coming together to present this totally unique and powerful course, focused on results that will change your relationship with money forever.

But first, let me share with you how this all started...

Having made my escape from the corporate world many years ago, I embarked on an entrepreneurial career and began to make a reasonable income although I was working far too hard for my money AND far too often there seemed to be more month than money! Even on good months the money seemed to flow out as quickly as it came in (sound familiar?).

Although this was totally frustrating - and intellectually I knew and could recognize these patterns - it didn't seem to matter what I did because lurking in my subconscious were hidden beliefs that were really running the show. One of them, I uncovered was that "I could not earn more than in my high paid corporate job"!!

I could not break that cycle - UNTIL

Luckily for me I discovered how to use the Money Breakthrough Method and things started to turn around.

By first taking myself through this program then immediately teaching it to others I've proven to myself and them that this system works! In fact I had my first 5 figure day (earning more than I earned in a month in my senior manager corporate role) just a few weeks into going through the program.

Add to that, Margaret's proven expertise with EFT and the magic really starts to happen - sometimes instantly!!

Read on and we'll share what some of our clients have to say about their results....

So what IS the Money Breakthrough Method?

Here's just a sampling of the modules I'll personally lead you through in this exclusive course...

Power Up Your MarketingYour Money Type
Did you know there are five Money Types? Each Money Type is beautifully illustrated, gorgeously printed and clearly explained on an 8.5 x 11 full-color card. Your Money Type card demystifies what your personal money motivation is so you can stop caving in to money drama or disempowerment and instead, give yourself permission to quickly break through to your next level of income, no matter where you're starting from. Each Money Type card is loaded with tips, helping you instantly recognize which one applies to you and most importantly, what to do with that knowledge.

Power Up Your Marketing5-Step Money Breakthrough Modules
Everyone has money issues, dramas, fears, stories, beliefs and habits they either "inherited" from family or unconsciously adopted due to earlier experiences. What's key is to realize that you're not stuck with these forever!

In these powerful modules I'll coach you each step of the way to create new, empowering money habits that magically transform your relationship with money, increase your self-worth, improve your relationships with loved ones, start a new business or grow an existing business, earn more in your career...and more!

The five core Money Breakthrough Method modules are:

  • Module #1: Healing Your Family's Money Legacy

  • Module #2: Forgiving Debt and Other Guilty Money Issues From Your Past

  • Module #3: Creating Accountability and Action

  • Module #4: Claim Your Money Power

  • Module #5: Revealing Your Sacred Relationship with Money

Power Up Your Marketing"Kathleen is masterful at guiding you gently but firmly into new understandings about yourself"

As with many programs that I invest in for business development or for self-growth, the "gift" is really in the shift. Kathleen Ann has always been one of my favorite mentors. Not only does she deliver excellent content (and lots of it), Kathleen is masterful at guiding you gently but firmly into new understandings about yourself in relationship to your business.

In her Money Breakthrough Course I was able to see old patterns that I had developed as a child, primarily around safety and security, showing up in my life around money. There was tremendous freedom in being able to articulate and let go of those patterns that no longer serve me. The work continues long after the sessions end. For that I am eternally grateful.

Ann Gleason

Power Up Your Marketing"I've managed to turn around a lot of negativity and fear in a short space of time"

I have really appreciated the "Tap into Your Money Power" sessions to date, particularly the first two opening up a new mindset. Exciting stuff.

I am so pleased I met both Margaret and you. I've managed to turn around a lot of negativity and fear in such a short space of time..

 Jann, Sydney Australia

"More importantly, I'm concentrating on the money coming in which is amazing!"

Just wanted to say how much I have benefited from your course. The information and the exercises have been excellent and certainly changed me from the person I was 6 weeks ago.

I found the cards invaluable and I look at them several times a day and do the tapping on the empowering belief, statements and words. I plan to do one more empowering action each day. I also have been monitoring our expenses but more importantly, I'm concentrating on the money coming in which is amazing! We are just about to list our house on the market so again the information today has set my personal action list at obtaining the highest sale price to achieve my BIG BOLD savings goal!!

Margaret, the tapping has been so enlightening and thank goodness my friend told me about you many years ago. I wish I had been more disciplined in doing it regularly, however this is a bad habit that I have now broken!

Thank you both sooooooo much. I now know that enjoying my journey with MONEY will open up so much more abundance in my life moving forward! I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with you both.

Gail Stevens, Australia

Let's take a look at how easy I've made it for you to transform your relationship with money from one of guilt, fear or shame to one of joy, independence and freedom...

"Tap Into Your Money Power And Breakthrough To Financial Success"

Power Up Your Marketing 6 training, educational and inspiring 75 minute recordings on each step of the Money Breakthrough Method system, with Kathleen and Margaret. Delivered to your inbox once a week, (starting from the day you sign up)
Power Up Your Marketing Exciting, step by step exercises I'll personally teach you to complete, that make creating your money breakthrough simple, joyful and freeing
Power Up Your Marketing Tapping sessions with Margaret on every recording to help you rapidly release issues we uncover along the way
Power Up Your Marketing Downloadable workbook compiling all handouts, exercises & templates that make tracking your Money Breakthrough progress easy and effortless
Power Up Your Marketing Practical action step assignments each and every week, designed to help you attract - and keep! - more money - complete with handouts
Power Up Your Marketing Millionaire mindset coaching questions & statements to help you powerfully stay on track

"The income I earned that month was the highest since 2008"

CPower Up Your Marketinghrissy here and I just wanted to get in touch and let you know what happened to me in the Money Breakthrough Method program

As you know, I've been working with money mindset for a long time and even teach it. I've been able to manifest several kinds of interesting abundance but I felt there was another level to get to. Like I wasn't reaching my full potential.

Most people wouldn't understand as I built a lot in 2010. But you know me ... it's got to be the HIGHEST VISION. I was hitting a wall around this, or rather a ceiling. It is subtle and I almost didn't do the Money Breakthrough Method program.

But every time I've worked with you, I've had some sort of inspiring breakthrough and I took a leap that this time would be the same. WELL! I certainly did! Though I was quiet this time around, there was an old, almost subconscious childhood block that was getting in my way, which is what I discovered during our second call. I'm happy to say it's not only dissolved but an old pain has also been healed. And the income I earned that month was the highest since 2008! I feel so free!
Thank you yet again! Love and Warm Wishes

Chrissy Caeliss

I've designed this course to go DEEP. I'm going to lead you step-by-step all the way through. But, that's still not enough...

PLUS...I'm including these 3 BONUSES (valued at $301):


Power Up Your MarketingGorgeous, Full Color Money Type Cards

To help you fast-track attracting (and keeping!) more money I will send you, in the post, a gorgeous full-color set of 5 Money Breakthrough cards, each beautifully illustrated to demystify your "money type." Each 8.5 x 11 card is loaded with information we'll use to help you transform your relationship with money...forever

Sent direct to your letterbox

$149 value


Power Up Your MarketingMargaret Munoz's e-book
"Create Prosperity"

Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT - the powerful, fast-acting, personal transformation tool you can use anywhere, anytime.

Using the information and techniques in this book you can commence the journey to prosperity right now - TODAY!

Downloadable green version

$25 value


Power Up Your Marketing


If youíre not in control of money in your life, then money is controlling you. Or youíre always feeling some kind of stress regarding money and that stress is holding you back from multiplying your income and multiplying how much money you get to keep and spend every month.

aking this quick quiz is the fastest way to get a Money Breakthrough snap shot of where you are right now and to have this snap shot show you exactly what you can focus on to achieve your goals, faster.

Downloadable green version

$127 value

"I'm excited about taking control of my own money matters"

Power Up Your MarketingParticipating in your Money Breakthrough program has changed my entire thinking around money Kathleen. I had no idea I even held the views you helped me uncover or how these deep-seated negative beliefs were playing out in my life, around money. But what really created the big shift was discovering exactly when and why these were formed and how to replace them with new empowering beliefs and that's been truly liberating.

With my first breakthrough
I instantly felt light and happy. I now clearly see how I've been giving away my power with money by relying on my husband's income because that's what my mum did. Now I'm excited about taking control of my own money matters and contributing to the household wealth rather than feeling helpless and dependent on my husband. I now believe "I empower others when I empower myself" and I'm excited about the year ahead and so is my husband!

Donna Bowell
Co-Owner Easy Fitness & Health

Here's what Charles Cuninghame has to say about working with Margaret Munoz...


"I've had AMAZING results from our last Tapping session"


Power Up Your MarketingI've had AMAZING results from our last Tapping session. In a nutshell, bought a new home for much less than we thought, sold our flat for much, much more than we expected to, and I got a project that has paid in 2 months much more than I earned last year!


Charles Cuninghame

Power Up Your Marketing

This Money Breakthrough course Is PERFECT For You If...

You've been stuck at your current income level and are ready to finally break through... This information is exactly what you need right now! Once you uncover what's holding you back, the path will be free and clear for you to finally create the financial success you desire.

You're just starting out in your business.... The time for you to create the foundation for lasting, sustained abundance is NOW! And imagine how much quicker you'll achieve financial success when you can gracefully sidestep the "money stuck points" that so often derail entrepreneurs!

You've been seeking practical AND spiritual information about how to make and keep more money... but ONLY if it's in alignment with your heart, soul and values

You want to share your gifts, make a difference, feel good AND make an amazing income. (Great news: you don't have to choose!)

You want to learn ONLY what's proven to work and not waste precious time and money on a zillion different seminars, books, and home study programs

You wish to connect energetically with a like-minded tribe of spiritual individuals who are committed to creating wealth and abundance in their lives while making a difference

So now you may be wondering - Kathleen, this sounds exciting, but
what is my investment?"

It's a challenge to put a price on this program. On the one hand I know that if you need this program, money may be tight. On the other hand, I know that if you say yes to this program, your money experience is going to change for the positive (and quickly).

So, I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you, which is why I have priced it at a very fair price. AND I'm offering a split payment option if you want to spread the investment to help with your budget.

Investment for the full Tap Into Your Money Power and Breakthrough To Financial Success course is just $297.

OR you can take the split payment option and pay only $169 when you sign up and a further $169 - 28 days later. Doesn't get any better than that!

So...are you ready to break through to your next income level, effortlessly clean up unconscious "money junk" and finally free yourself from debt or under earning and begin living your new life of financial freedom?

Click here to pay in full now OR Click here for 2 payment option

Plus, you're protected as I'm assuming ALL of the risk with my "Heart and Soul" guarantee...

My Personal "Heart and Soul" Guarantee!

Power Up Your MarketingIt's really important to me that this course resonates for you because if your heart's not in it, what's the point, right?

While I'm 100% confident you're going to love what you'll learn and get the breakthroughs you're striving for, I want you to feel at ease making this decision. So I'm giving you my "Heart and Soul" guarantee....

Power Up Your MarketingIf this course doesn't meet your expectations for whatever reason, just let me know within 28 days of your purchase and you will be issued a full refund.

You will be able to keep the Money Type Cards as my gift for your trouble so you will not be asked to return them. I'm sure you'll understand you will not receive the final 2 sessions of the course.

Simply send me an email within 28 days and I'll gladly refund your money from my own pocket.

Satisfaction guaranteed - you have my personal word on it!

Power Up Your Marketing
Your Opportunity For A Lasting Money Breakthrough
Is Here!

I Can't Wait To Show You How Easy It Is To Make And Keep More Money Than You've Ever Thought Possible...

"Yes Kathleen, I'm ready to experience financial independence

and freedom for the rest of my life!

I understand I can sign up and receive all of the following:

Power Up Your Marketing 6 X 75 minute downloadable training and coaching recordings delivered 1 each week to my inbox (so I've got time in between to do the exercises).

Power Up Your Marketing My personal downloadable copy of the workbook including all 20 templates and exercises to use throughout the course and beyond

Power Up Your Marketing Kathleen's expert guidance and help to create my money breakthroughs

Power Up Your Marketing Margaret's expert EFT experiential tapping to clear away blocks as
they come up

I will also receive these BONUSES valued at $301:

Power Up Your Marketing My own personalised set of 5 beautiful full colour Money Type Cards mailed to my door

Power Up Your Marketing
A copy of Margaret's 263 page e-book "Create Prosperity"

Power Up Your Marketing Money Breakthrough Quiz

PLUS I know I'm protected by your full money-back "Heart and Soul" Guarantee and that I must be completely satisfied with this course or you will refund 100% of my money.

Which risk-free payment option would you like?

Power Up Your Marketing
Pay In Full Now For $297
BEST DEAL! Save $41

Power Up Your MarketingPay In 2 Easy Installments
of $169 (total $338)
Final payment billed in 28 days

Power Up Your MarketingPower Up Your Marketing
Credit Card Processing
Payment Gateway

Power Up Your Marketing

Rest easy, your order will be processed on secure servers and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and confirmation within just a few minutes.

I can't wait to welcome you to this 6 part course so I can share all of this proven step-by-step system, strategies and information with you personally - enhanced by Margaret with the rapid release of what's not wanted through the power of tapping. Most importantly, we can't wait to help YOU create the money breakthroughs you need to welcome more money, joy and freedom into your life!

So, are you ready? Start your home study course TODAY because your financial freedom - and all the possibilities that come with that - are waiting for you!

To your heart and soul success!

Kathleen Ann

Still not sure if this is right for you? It's so important for you to have this life-and-business-changing information that I offer a full-money-back "Heart and Soul" guarantee. If within 28 days of purchasing this course, (listening to the weekly sessions and doing the exercises), you sincerely believe that the information and methods you learned are not worth far more than you're paying I'll gladly refund your money out of my own pocket. I've made this decision as risk-free as possible for you because you simply can't afford to go without this information any longer. Secure your course now and get started today, so you don't miss out, OK?

PPS: If you've tried other "money mindset" programs before only to be disappointed with the results, you'll be glad to know that this Money Breakthrough Method is a proven, practical step-by-step system, not a bunch of theory. Isn't it time to break through your "money stuck points" once and for all so you can create the financial abundance you desire & deserve? I think so! Get it now and get started today!

PPPS: Rest assured, this course will NOT be a bunch of positive thinking "rah rah," nor will you be left to just visualise your way to financial freedom! We both know that your true wealth will come from a mix of proven Spiritual principles AND practical money actions, which is exactly what this Money Breakthrough course will provide for you. Buy now and download immediately!


Still Undecided?

Ask me any question about the "Tap Into Your Money Power and Breakthrough to Financial Success" course and I'll help you decide if it's right for you.

Thank you! Once you send in your question I will contact you personally.

I have been able to build a thriving business

Power Up Your MarketingWorking with Margaret has been an incredible life changing experience which has allowed me to achieve personal and business goals that I would never have thought possible.

Using the tapping to clear away blocks that were preventing me from having a clear direction assisted me in setting up my own business - an Email Marketing and IT support services company for small businesses. I have been able to build a thriving business using all my skills and knowledge, doing what I am good at and what I enjoy.

Andrew Hill-Male